Back to school tips for parents

When your kids are returning to school from a long break or exciting holiday, things can get hectic. Often the normal routine has relaxed and that might mean that during the first few days back at school it will be challenging to get out the door on time. However, here are a few tips to help you ease into the back to school routine.

Talk about it in advance

  • Though they might not admit it, your children might be a little nervous returning to school. If they've had a long break, it's natural to experience some nerves even if it's an environment they're familiar with and enjoy.
  • Reinforce the positives about school. If they love their art teacher, mention how great it will be to see them again. Or if their best friend has been on holiday, talk about how they must be excited to catch up with them. This will help to focus them on the good elements of returning to school.

Be prepared

  • You don't want the last few days of the holiday to be a huge rush. Make sure you have everything organised, from the uniforms to stationery to a wall planner that can clearly outline the school routine for your child. This reminder of wake up times and other important information will help your child shift back to consistency. If you can’t find time to get everything on the school stationary list, businesses such as Office Works offer services to assist with the task.

Organise your after-school routine

  • While getting organised in the morning might be a challenge, you will also need to sort out after- school arrangements. Will a parent be there to pick them up, do they attend a sports or music practice, or do they take the school bus home? This is often great to organize before the break to ensure everyone knows whats happening come day one.
  • Make sure you have solid plans and times in place so that your after-school schedule can go off without a hitch, leaving your family to settle back into a routine that suits everyone’s needs.