Backyard picnic day

Sometimes the best place to have a picnic is in your own backyard. Picnics are just plain fun and to a child it can make a simple meal seem like an adventure. Some people might not think of the humble backyard as a place to have a picnic but leaving your car just where it is can be a nice change. Apart from convenience there’s also the added piece-of-mind of knowing the kids are always in a safe environment.

  • Start by choosing a menu and making a list of everything you'll need. Pretend as if you can't get up and go back into the house if you forgot something (you’ll have a better time this way).
  • Picnic food should be all about ease. Each family will have different preferences in terms of food but it doesn’t need to be complicated or very time consuming. You could get the kids involved and helping out or just grab a few things at the deli.
  • If you’re having an evening picnic don’t forget you’ll have to prepare for a few bugs. Outdoor Tiki torches add an extra bit of fun but whatever repellent you trust will do just fine.
  • A backyard picnic could be a great idea for a child’s birthday. Just add balloons and other birthday decorations to make the occasion more festive.
  • Finally, don’t forget to grab a few games and toys to keep everyone entertained. Although your backyard won’t be a big as your local park, with a bit of imagination it’ll be just as much fun.