The benefit of a daily energy burst

Many parents often feel tired and it’s no wonder when we’re all trying to juggle all the hectic comings and goings of a busy family. Whether we’re working full‐time or raising the kids, trying to keep the house clean and running smoothly, dealing with a busy social calendar and looking after everyone else’s needs all whilst trying to maintain some level of sanity and "mum me time". It can be tempting to turn to caffeine or sugar in an attempt to increase our energy levels, but there are nutrients that help support the body’s natural production of energy and can help give us a much needed boost so we can get the most out of every busy day.

Co‐Enzyme Q10 (CoQ10)

CoQ10 is a vitamin‐like substance that can help restore our energy levels naturally, by helping convert the food we eat into the form of energy used by our body’s cells, known as ATP. It is therefore important for all energy dependent processes in the body. CoQ10 may assist with stamina and endurance and help with recovery after strenuous exercise. Plus it’s a potent antioxidant and helps to maintain immune system function and the health of our heart. While our bodies naturally produce CoQ10, levels tend to reach their peak by the age of 20 and then slowly fall thereafter. It’s not only time that can use up the body’s stores of CoQ10, certain medicines and smoking can also have this effect.

Cenovis Mini‐Bursts Energy with CoQ10 are a pleasant and convenient way to get the extra energy needed for those busy days. They are small pea‐sized capsules that burst in your mouth, releasing a delicious berry flavoured soft centre and are great to keep in your bag and take on‐the‐go when you need them most.