The benefits of preschool

When a child is around the age of 3 or 4, you may consider sending them to a preschool or continue with your current arrangements. Of course, sometimes the decision is made for the parents due to their financial situation or lifestyle and there is no choice but preschool. While each choice is personal and comes down to many different factors, here are some of the benefits of preschool that might be able to reassure you of your decision.

Preschool is about early learning and early socialising

In Australia, preschools are licensed and must work to certain standards. There are multiple staff working for each individual school and there will be a good daily structure in place, including drop- off and pick-up times and scheduled eating arrangements.

At preschool, your child will benefit from socialising at a young age. They will work in groups to do things like sing and dance, make crafts and works of art and participate in sport. This might even lead to discovering a hidden talent or stumbling upon an area of interest for your child, which could stick with them through their younger years and beyond.

If your child doesn't have any siblings or know many children of a similar age, this might be a great way to introduce them to socialising and making friends with others close to their developmental level. In addition, if your child is at preschool they'll start to learn the basics of skills such as counting and reciting the alphabet, which might help them off to a great academic start.

Whatever your choice, remember you know you're doing the best for your child and your family, so banish any guilt and take it easy on yourself. It's not an easy time when your precious baby starts to grow up, but remember, mums often know what’s right for their children.