The benefits of a probiotic

Probiotics are ‘good bacteria’ that we all have and need in our gastrointestinal tract. These beneficial bacteria have a number of important benefits for our bodies.

Probiotics help maintain digestive health

Our digestive tract is the natural habitat for a large and dynamic bacterial community of both the good guys and the bad. Good bacteria help to keep our intestines healthy and assist with the digestion of food. Taking a probiotic supplement can help to relieve common tummy ailments like bloating, gas or flatulence and help to decrease the duration of diarrhoea in kids.2

Probiotics make vitamins

Our friendly intestinal bacteria can produce and supply important vitamins for our bodies such as vitamin K and many of the B vitamin family including biotin and vitamin B12.1 In fact, our good bacteria produce around 75% of the vitamin K that our bodies absorb each day, which is an important vitamin for many vital processes including bone formation.


Probiotics support our immune defences

The good bacteria in our stomachs help to maintain a healthy immune system. When in abundance, our body’s own intestinal army of good bacteria can ‘crowd out’ or suppress the growth of the bad bacteria that cause illness. They may also help with the development of immune tissues and help to regulate immune system function therefore protecting against illness.

Probiotics restore our natural good bacteria levels after antibiotics

While antibiotics are great at getting rid of the harmful bacteria in the body, they can also destroy some of the good bacteria in the process. Taking a probiotic supplement can help to replenish and maintain the levels of good bacteria in our intestines and keep our health in check.