Calming the kids for bed

Getting your kids to bed on time can be challenging for kids and parents alike. Your little ones will usually be hyped up after their adventure-filled day and might find it difficult to unwind when there is still so much fun to be had. To help send your little night owls to a peaceful slumber it is important to establish a relaxing bedtime routine. The Cenovis mums have shared their tips below to help bedtime run smoothly and put sleeping problems to rest.

  • At dinner time serve tryptophan-rich foods like turkey, chicken, beans or eggs, which may help calm little minds as bedtime approaches. A comforting glass of warm milk before bed (rich in tryptophan) may also promote a relaxing and restful sleep.
  • Add some lavender oil to your little one’s bath or use natural lavender scented body wash/bubbles. Lavender has a natural calming effect and may help your kids wind down before bedtime. We like Dr Bronner’s lavender liquid soap to create a soothing and relaxing bath time experience for little minds and bodies. This stuff can also be shared with their tired and stressed out parents!
  • After the pre-bed rituals like bath time and teeth brushing are complete, encourage quiet activities like reading books together, talking about the day or singing a soft song. You could try turning down the lights and telling them a story rather than reading them one so they can close their eyes and drift away with the tale (and hopefully to sleep!).
  • Do some gentle yoga stretches together or give them a little foot massage to help relax tired little muscles.
  • Create an environment that is conducive to sleep– cover little feet with cosy socks, use a nightlight if they are afraid of the dark, allow one stuffed animal or their favourite blanket for comfort and remove any distracting electronics from the bedroom.
  • Turn down the TV (and your voices) after you’ve put the little ones to bed so they don’t think that they are missing out on all the fun!

What are your tips for calming little night owls before bedtime?