Could your child benefit from a multivitamin?

little girl smiling resting on the edge of a swimming pool

It’s a widely accepted that for good health, kids need a varied and nutritious diet filled with foods such as fresh fruit and veggies, dairy products and good quality protein. In a perfect world, this would happen every day, every meal. You, as a parent, would have the time to prepare all their meals from healthy fresh foods. Your kids would have three square meals a day plus healthy snacks, they would sit quietly to eat ensuring their digestion was given the best chance to work as it should, and they would eat everything you prepared for them.

The reality though, is often very different. In these modern times, work commitments sometimes make it difficult to find the time and energy to prepare all meals, and children often have after school commitments which makes eating on the run common place. Add to this fussy eaters or food intolerances and it’s easy to see why you may worry about whether your children are getting all the nutrients they need.

Kids that may benefit from a kids multivitamin include:

Fussy eaters

Most young kids go through periods of fussy eating as they grow and develop. Often this is their way of exerting what little control they can. In other cases the problem may persist, with the child having a genuine dislike for certain textures, smells and tastes. In either case, a multivitamin may help to fill any nutritional gaps and are available in many forms to suit even the pickiest child. For example, kids’ multivitamins come in chewy tablets, jellies, effervescent drinks, sprinkles and ‘chocolate’ blocks.

Always on the go

Vitamin supplements are great for keeping little ones going and energy levels up. Kids are so busy these days with activities such as homework, swimming lessons, sports practice and play dates taking up a lot of free time. Some children may benefit from a bit of a boost and a multivitamin supplement may help. This can be particularly true towards the end of the year, when kids might be feeling tired but still need the energy and focus to study for exams.

Always catching the latest bug

Children are more susceptible to illness than adults because their immune systems are less experienced and developed. In fact, children can often experience as many as six to eight common illnesses, such as colds and flu, every year.1 Look for a multivitamin containing vitamins A, D3 and C, to help maintain healthy immune function all year round and to minimise sick days.