7 Time-saving tips for busy women

Published September 7, 2021

Between work, caring for your loved ones, eating well, cleaning your home, fitting in exercise, and maintaining some level of sanity, life can be a juggle.

To help you keep up with the hustle, try our 7 tips for busy women:

1.  Plan ahead

Want to eat healthier and save money on your food budget? Plan ahead. Work out a meal plan before your grocery shop. Set aside time on the weekend to meal prep, so you have meals already prepared for those busy days. You could even use your supermarket’s click and collect or delivery service to help you save time and avoid the temptation of the chocolate aisle.

2.  Invest in a kitchen gadget

There are so many kitchen gadgets on the market now to help make cooking a breeze. A slow cooker is great, throw in the ingredients in the morning, and dinner will be ready by the time you get home from work. Between bread makers, air fryers and food processors that also cook for you, there is a never-ending list of gadgets to help you spend less time in the kitchen and more time doing what you love.

3.  Get some help

Whether you get the kids to help with chores or use an app to hire a helping hand, learning to delegate can help free up your time. A neighbours teenager might appreciate some extra cash to wash your car or mow your lawn. Think outside the square and reach out for help.

4.  Wake up a little bit earlier

Waking up before the rest of your household can give you a little time for some much-needed peace and quiet before kicking off a hectic day.

5.  Get ready the night before

Need help to get the kids to school on time? Save time in the morning by getting prepared the night before. Layout your kid’s uniforms, pack lunches, load up school bags and double-check the weather in case you need to pack a brolly or an extra jumper.  By doing a little bit extra the night before, you can avoid some of the chaos in the morning — your kids can also help set the table for breakfast.

6.  Squeezing in your exercise

Squeezing in incidental exercise every day makes a big difference. Get off the train or bus stop early and walk the rest of the way. If work is busy, squeeze in a quick walk during your lunch break or between meetings. Have a stretch at your desk or invest in a standing desk if you work from home and don’t want to sit all day.

7.  Learn to say no!

Saying a guilt free ‘no’ to someone isn’t always easy. But learning when to say no to a task can help you reduce your stress levels and ensure you stay focused on what’s truly important to you. Remember, when you say no, you’re refusing the request, not the person. Be firm and direct and stay true to your goals.

We all have busy times in our lives, but with a bit of extra planning, you can get through the stress of a busy week. By planning out your meals, squeezing in some incidental exercise when you can’t get to the gym or reaching out for some help, you can conquer your hectic schedule.

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