Exercising with your baby

Parents of newborns will know it's hard to squeeze in any time for yourself - let alone time for exercise! However, it's important that when your doctor gives you the okay to start exercising again after childbirth, you keep up a fitness regimen. This will help to keep your energy levels up and maintain a strong and healthy body, all things we need when we're parenting!

Here are some exercises that are easy to do and can fit into your day:

Walking with a stroller

Walking or even jogging with your baby in a stroller is a great way of fitting in some cardiovascular exercise. You get a moment to get out of the house and both you and bub get some fresh air. The stroller provides extra resistance for your walk or run, so it's particularly great for your health. If you’re concerned about the weather, there are also options to ensure your baby remains undisturbed by sunshine, rain or wind.

Classes for mums

Some gyms or local community centers will offer postnatal exercise classes where there is either an on-site childcare area or you can bring the kids in with you and attend to them as needed. This is a great opportunity for mums to get their exercise and socialise with others in a similar position, without having to hire a babysitter. It can also double as mums groups, providing a balance and outlet for adult conversations and interaction which may benefit your health by breaking up days solely with the kids. Yoga, swimming and aerobics classes are all popular examples of this handy form of exercise.

Home solutions

You can exercise right in the comfort of your own living room if you know how. Buy a couple of workout DVDs or look some up on YouTube and you can have a guided workout whenever you wish. You could also pull out a yoga mat and do some moves while your baby is napping or soothing themselves if you prefer to use their nap time to catch up on your own sleep. Gentle stretches, lunges and push-ups are some quick and effective exercises that can be done anytime to boost your physical and mental health. Remember keeping a healthy diet full of essential vitamins and minerals that can support your physical activity and ensure you’ve got enough in the tank to get going and keep the family on track.