How to make a kite

How to make a kite

The only thing that beats the joy of simply flying a kite is making your own to fly! The whole family can get involved, taking turns between steering, cheering and assisting with take-off. You might even find just watching the kite soar, dip and twirl high above is exciting, especially knowing you had something to do with getting (and keeping!) it in the sky.

We’ve got instructions for making your very own traditional diamond kite with simple household materials that will be sure to entertain the kids (and adults too!).

Making a kite will require adult assistance and supervision as a sharp knife is involved.

What you will need

  • 2 straight sticks made of wood or bamboo, or wooden dowel rods (have one longer than the other)
  • A spool of string to fly the kite, as well as additional string to hold the kite together
  • Material for the kite body – an old tablecloth or even an old bin bag or newspaper
  • Ribbons for the tail
  • Strong glue and/or tape
  • Stanley knife


  1. To make the kite frame, place the shorter stick across the longer stick like a cross. Secure them together in the middle with string
  2. Cut a small groove – just large enough for a piece of string – at the end of each piece of wood (best to leave this step to the grown ups!)
  3. Hold the frame together by running string around the edge of the kite (in a diamond shape). Make sure the string is taut. The grooves in the wood should help keep the string stay in place
  4. Lay the kite frame over your chosen material and cut it out leaving a 5cm edge
  5. Fold the edge of the material over the string and use strong glue or tape to hold it in place
  6. Tie ribbons to the base of the frame to create a tail. The tail is very important, as it helps the kite stay upright in the airFold the edge of the material over the string and use strong glue or tape to hold it in place
  7. Tie a spool of string to the cross of the kite frame

Now it’s time to head outside and give your homemade kite a spin!