How to stay motivated in winter

As the weather gets cooler it becomes so tempting to snuggle into ugg boots and tracksuit pants, curl up on the couch and indulge in stodgy comfort food. However, we all know this isn’t going to be very helpful come September when the weather starts to warm up, or assist in protecting your body against the latest cold or flu doing the rounds. So as appealing as it is to hibernate in the colder months, it’s also important to stay active, which will not only ensure you maintain a healthy level of fitness, but will also help keep you warm by getting your body moving!

We know winter is not as conducive to outdoor activities as the rest of the year, but if you dress appropriately (scarfs, gumboots and rain coats!) there is no reason why you can’t head outside and shake off the cabin fever. We’ve come up with 7 ways the Cenovis team like to keep the whole family active and motivated through winter with indoor and outdoor activities that don’t feel like exercise at all!

  1. Ice-skating - Outdoor ice-skating rinks pop up all around the country in winter and offer the perfect opportunity to entice the whole family outside. Whilst ice-skating can be slightly challenging (though your kids will probably master it quicker than you!), it’s fun and will certainly get every muscle moving.
  2. Ten pin bowling -Ten pin bowling is the perfect way to beat the winter blues, catch up with friends and family and have a laugh all the while partaking in a low-impact and non-contact exercise which is suitable for young kids and people of all abilities.
  3. Dancing – If it really is just too cold to head outdoors, turn up the music and get your groove on. Kids love dancing and will also appreciate your ridiculous dance moves (before they are old enough to know better!)
  4. Bike riding – On a nice clear winter’s day go for a family bike ride in your local area. Simply pile on the layers, choose a bike path and get pedaling. You could even make it a treat if there’s a local café that makes a delicious hot chocolate!
  5. Swimming - Colder weather doesn’t mean swimming is off limits. Many public pools are heated to a nice, toasty temperature so there really is no excuse to splash around with your kids or hit the water slides.
  6. Sledding – If you are lucky enough to live in a snowy climate (and some of us in the Cenovis office wish we were!), make the most of it by getting out and trying sledding. It’s great fun and all the running up and down the slopes will certainly get the heart racing.
  7. Skiing – If you don’t live anywhere near the snow, why not plan a mini-vacation to the slopes? It’s often a luxury for many families, but with the snowy mountains only a few hours’ drive from Canberra or Melbourne it’s a wonderful opportunity for a fun and active holiday. It’s also an activity that caters for the youngest or most amateur skiers of us all so almost everyone can have a go.

How do you and your family stay active in winter?