How your child’s sleep affects you

A child with a disrupted sleeping pattern will not only result in a cranky, overtired and irritable little monster (that couldn’t possibly be yours!), but will wreak havoc on the sleep and patience of the whole family. Whether the simple act of going to sleep at a respectable hour becomes a nightly battle with your child, or they’re constantly waking and calling out at night, broken sleep over time can affect everyone’s health, happiness, and ability to get on with their daily activities. Below are five consequences of sleep deprivation which highlight the importance of getting your child into a sleep routine so everyone can get a better night’s sleep.

  1. Insufficient sleep can lower our immune defences – Sleep has a restorative effect on our immune system and if we don’t get enough it can impair our immune defences and increase our susceptibility to catching a cold.1 Kids are often known for being little germ factories so parents need all the sleep they can get!
  2. Sleeplessness can expand your waistline – If you aren’t getting enough sleep because your little one is waking up throughout the night, it can cause you to gain weight.2 Sleep deprived individuals appear to have a greater appetite and a preference for high fat, high calorie (comfort) foods.
  3. Sleepless nights reduce our ability to perform at our best – If you are going about your days sleep deprived it can have a major impact on your work efficiency. A lack of sleep results in poorer memory and concentration, reduces our decision making skills, shortens our attention span and lessens our motivation.
  4. Sleep deprivation impacts mood – If you are operating on less sleep then you would normally get, it can make you emotionally frazzled and no fun to be around.
  5. Lack of sleep can affect relationships – Permanent tiredness and constant irritability can put a huge strain on our relationships. When we’re exhausted we tend to be less empathetic, have a shorter fuse, and are less emotionally engaged. Plus, research has found that partners are much more likely to lash out at each other after a bad night’s sleep.

Supplements are available that may help with children’s sleep. Cenovis® Kids Vita Chewies Night Calm contains the relaxing herb German Chamomile and lactium®, a milk protein derived from cow’s milk. It has a calming and soothing effect on the nervous system, helping kids get to sleep and stay asleep through the night. They’re available in yummy chewable natural cocoa malt flavoured tablets and have no artificial colours or flavours.