Is my child getting enough calcium? Five tips to ensure your kids get what they need

Childhood is a time of growth and kids need lots of calcium to make sure their bones are strong and healthy. Fortunately, increasing your child’s calcium intake to make sure they’re getting enough isn’t very difficult. Here are some easy tips to help you:

  1. Include calcium rich foods at snack time - Snacks between meals are a great way to boost calcium levels for kids. Try offering them crackers with cheese, or yoghurt containing pieces of their favourite type of fruit. Cottage cheese also makes a delicious dip for carrot and cucumber sticks.
  2. Ensure your kids eat a wide variety of foods - Many foods contain calcium in smaller quantities compared to dairy foods such as milk or yoghurt, but a varied diet full of fruit, vegetables, breads and cereals will quickly add up to a significant portion of your child’s daily calcium needs.
  3. Try a warm glass of milk before bed - Adding a comforting glass of warm milk to your child’s bedtime routine will not only help them to relax and ease the transition into sleep, but will also boost their calcium levels considerably.
  4. Choose calcium fortified foods - Many foods such as cereals, drinks and fruit juices contain added calcium. For kids who are picky eaters or are unable to eat dairy products, these foods are helpful in topping up their daily calcium intakes. Read food labels carefully to find which brands pack the biggest calcium punch!
  5. Consider a calcium supplement - If you are still concerned that your child is not getting the daily calcium they need for good health and to build strong and healthy bones, a kid’s calcium supplement may be beneficial; it’s a great way to top up the calcium they’re getting in their diet.


August 2013