Make a map of the neighbourhood

A fun entertainment idea for the kids is to make a map of the neighbourhood. It lets you and the kids exercise together, as well as leave you some time to recuperate when they return home and the kids work on their map.

For this you’ll need the usual supplies – construction paper, scissors, glue, tape and markers.

Before you start on your walk it’s a good idea to draw the rough outlay of the area that you’re covering Prepare the kids by reminding them to keep an eye out for interesting landmarks or signs to note down while they are on the walk. You might even consider including neighbourhood dogs and cats or birds that you have all seen.

Once you all get back from the walk, it’s time to start drawing and developing the map. The kids can draw items or find cut outs in magazines that represent what they have seen. Whether your map turns out to be accurate or not we hope you and the kids have fun making it!

Safety is obviously the most important thing so remember to remind the kids of the importance of being aware of traffic or any possible dangers that might be in the neighbourhood.


Ok so this might be cheating a little, but if you or your kids want a little assistance in the layout of your neighbourhood map why not go onto You could print out a copy of your neighbourhood and go from there.