On the hunt for a healthy Easter

It's hard to believe Easter is just around the corner, when it feels like we've only just got over Christmas! The hot cross buns are out, chocolate Easter bunnies are lining the supermarket shelves and soon you'll have some pretty eager kids on holidays. So how can you keep them amused this Easter? The obligatory Easter Egg Hunt is a great way to entertain the whole family and can be done without the sugar overload. Here are some tips to have the best healthy Easter Egg Hunt, minus the after effects.

  1. Instead of hiding lots of chocolate eggs, you could buy some large plastic eggs and fill them with stickers, temporary tattoos, toy cars, hair accessories, coins, erasers etc. Or hide crayons or Easter style colouring books. This might even keep kids entertained throughout the rest of the holidays.
  2. Stimulate little brains by leaving clues about where the eggs are hidden (from the Easter bunny of course). For example, ‘keep thinking hard, use your head, your next clue is under the           ”. After several clues (5-8), there should be an egg (or egg alternative as above).
  3. If having some chocolate eggs keep them small and in moderation. You could also throw in a few dark chocolate eggs for good measure! To make sure each child gets the same number of eggs and doesn't overdo it, you could assign them their own colour or instruct them to find 2 blue eggs, 1 green and 1 gold (or something along those lines!).
  4. If you only have a small space, design a relay race. Divide the kids into two or moreteams. When the first person has found an egg, they run back and tag the next kid in line.
  5. Easter bunnies don't eat chocolate, they eat celery and carrots! Perhaps you could include some sneaky bags of ‘bunny treats' (vegie sticks) before they're too old to know better! After the egg hunt is over, organise games to burn off some energy. You could kick a football around, play cricket, or for a more festive approach have egg and spoon races.
  6. Most of all, have fun!