Our favourite free iphone apps for the kids

Oh and they’re all educational too!

PlayTales Bookstore

Join the 2,000,000 families around the world reading, playing and learning with interactive stories from their PlayTales bookshelf. PlayTales stories are designed to help develop children’s creativity and intellect. These stories will have the youngest ones entertained and more interested in reading with 100+ titles and 8 languages available to them inside the PlayTales catalog.

Age Range: Ages 2 years and up

WordWorld's Happy Birthday Dog

**Free for a limited time!** PlaySquare is Touchable Television that lets you play right in the story world. PlaySquare introduces Touchable Television, a nutritious, active, engaging new media experience that’s a story and a game all in one. Touchable Television allows the kids to finger draw on the screen to become part of the action of the story. Kids are engaged from start to finish and when kids are engaged, they are learning! Your child helps propel the story along. He or she is a part of it!

Age Range: Ages 3 to 6

Feed Me

Children and parents alike have given two thumbs up to Feed Me. A series of 100 questions is available in this free app, focusing on topics ranging from shapes to letters and colours. As children are asked a question, they must select the item that matches the answer and feed it to the friendly monster. Selecting the wrong answer will leave your monster hungry…And nobody wants a hungry monster!

Age Range: Ages 5 years and up

Miss Spell's Class

Miss Spell’s Class is an original word game that lets players test their spelling skills against the most commonly misspelled words on Practice like this comes in handy for learning new words and ensuring that your youngster’s spelling is in tip-top shape. Players must quickly decide whether each of 20 words is spelled correctly or incorrectly, as speed and accuracy count to get to the top of the class!

Age Range: Ages 7 years and up

101 Science

If your children are between 8 and 12 years old, this app will challenge them with questions about biology, physics, Earth science, chemistry, and general science. Your children can test their pals in school or even their siblings. Even parents will enjoy using this app together with their kids. Try to find out if you can beat your children's high scores.

Age Range: Ages 8 to 12