Probiotic supplements for kids

Why would my child need a probiotic supplement?

Probiotics have a number of important health benefits, especially for little tummies. They help to boost the levels of "good" or "friendly" bacteria that live in our digestive tract therefore helping to encourage healthy digestion, supporting our immune defences, protecting against the not‐so friendly bacteria and helping produce some vital vitamins.

In our digestive systems it’s important to maintain a healthy balance of bacteria which means we want the good kind to outnumber the bad. Certain factors can unfortunately negatively affect this delicate balance including diet and antibiotics. A daily probiotic supplement for kids might be a good way to top up their good bacteria levels and support their developing digestive and immune systems. While probiotics can be found in foods like yoghurt, they are generally present in higher amounts in probiotic supplements.

What is the best probiotic supplement for kids?

As a general guideline, the best probiotic supplement for kids is one they will actually take! Cenovis Kids Vita Buddies Probiotic has been designed with the fussiest kids in mind. Each sweetie treat comes in a fun bear shape, contains over 1 billion well‐known and researched bacteria (lactobacillus acidophilus and bifidobacterium lactis) and tastes just like a vanilla milkshake. Cenovis Kids Vita Buddies Probiotic will also appeal to Mums and Dads because they are free from artificial colours and flavours. They make a great morning, afternoon or lunchbox snack and are a fun and easy way for a child to top up their intake of the probiotic good guys and support the needs of their active growing bodies.