Quick and easy lunchbox ideas

Packing lunch doesn't have to be time consuming. There are many ways to pack a healthy and nutritious lunch in a short amount of time so there shouldn’t be any reason not to eat well every day.

Below are some ideas to get you started:

  1. SandwichesA quick and nutritious sandwich is easy to make. The basic cheese and lettuce sandwich is great if you’re prepared with ingredients, but to make it more interesting, try bagels, wraps and pita bread. A hot tip is to use reusable sandwich bags rather than plastic wrap. You'll save money and there is less fussing around. There are also some handy containers that help to prevent “sandwich squish”.
  2. LeftoversLeftovers from a tasty dinner can make a great lunch. Check if your child has access to a microwave at school, otherwise cold slices of quiche, home-made pizza or frittata are great options, especially if the kids enjoy this type of lunch.
  3. FruitThis takes no time but is nutritious for everyone as most fruits are full of essential vitamins and minerals. Strawberries, grapes or pineapple provide something tasty to chomp on, while apples and bananas are even easier to pack but can be sliced up for nibbling throughout the day.
  4. Other snacksWhy not include a slice of reduced fat cheese or a small pot of yoghurt? These snacks contain calcium and protein, essential for your child's development and take little time to prepare. A boiled egg is another great snack idea offering an abundance of protein and no fuss as they can be cooked and peeled ahead of time. You can also include a relatively healthy 'treat', such as popcorn or dried fruit.
  5. Extra tipsIf the kids are a bit older you could also ask them to help with lunch preparation. They may be more inclined to like what's in it and finish their meal if they’re included in its creation.
  6. Hot tipIn the summer, freeze your child's water bottle overnight so it can be included with their lunch to keep it cool throughout the day. It also gives them a refreshing way to stay hydrated! If they don't like the taste of plain water, include a slice of lemon or lime in the bottle to give it a more interesting flavour.