How to sneak extra veggies into kids

It can be quite a struggle at times getting kids to eat their vegetables but there are ways to sneak them into their food so they are none the wiser! Here are the Cenovis Mums’ ingenious tricks of the trade:

  1. The "Hulk" smoothie – Combine yoghurt, milk of your choice, spinach, banana, chia or flax seeds and ice for a delicious nutritionally dense bright green smoothie that kids will love, especially since it resembles the colour of a popular superhero.
  2. Oven‐baked sweet potato french fries – Filled with betacarotene, which converts to vitamin A in the body plus vitamin C, fibre and calcium,1 sweet potatoes are more nutritionally sound than their white counterparts and make fantastic fries! Simply cut into wedges, toss in olive oil with a bit of sea salt and black pepper, and bake in the oven until golden.
  3. Use avocado rather than butter or margarine – Avocadoes have a similar texture on sandwiches but are filled with good fats and vitamin E, which are important for healthy growing bodies.
  4. Chocolate and beetroot cupcakes – Adding beetroot to cupcakes makes them deliciously fudgy and moist and adds a hit of antioxidants, potassium, iron and folic acid2 to an afternoon ‘treat’.
  5. Hummus or guacamole with veggie dippers – Kids simply love to plunge food into dips and dips are perfect for sneaking in a few extra ingredients they wouldn’t normally eat. While hummus is filled to the brim with goodness including good fats and fibre, you could also add extra veggies like carrots or pumpkin. Try serving your vegetable creation with raw vegetable dippers including carrot and celery sticks. If the kids don’t go for this, compromise with healthy crackers or toasted pita bread instead.
  6. Serve food in lettuce cups – Butter, iceberg or baby Cos lettuce leaves make perfect sturdy cups for serving fillings like mince and veggies or stir fried chicken or fish. These health ‘cups’ are a hit with kids as they get to spoon their own mixture into them and use their hands to eat it.