Tricks for long trips

Make those long family car trips feel shorter by playing a few games with the kids.

I spy is a great one for the littlies. Try changing it up and looking for things with a certain letter, colour or category.

Word by Word is a fun game for slightly older kids. The first person starts with a word (any word!) and the next person adds a word and so on to create a story. If you want to make it a little more challenging, make it a memory test too, meaning every time you add a word you also have to be repeat back ALL the words before!

The silent game is one for everybody. Sometimes you just need a little quiet time, so make a challenge out of it, with the person who's silent for the longest winning a prize. Not even a…ah…choo…you're out!

Or, if you've got an iPad, try for recommendations on the latest free gaming apps.