Weekday breakfast ideas for the kids

Healthy, balanced meals are important for everyone - and that includes breakfast. For children especially, breakfast is an essential meal to give kids enough energy to get through the morning.

However, every parent knows sometimes it’s hard enough to get the children out the door in the morning, let alone make sure they've eaten a nutritious breakfast.

Here are some options that might make the morning meal a little easier without compromising on nutrition.

A healthy smoothie for on-the-go

Smoothies are a great option for kids who you just can't get to sit down at breakfast. Blend together fruit such as bananas and kiwifruit, a bit of milk, a dash of yoghurt and oats and you've got a nutritious and nourishing breakfast. Some of our favourites include our Mango to Go-Go and Tutty fruity smoothies.

Get egg-centric

Omelettes are great for getting some protein into breakfast and can be varied to entice almost any child. Fill them with an array of ingredients like tomato, mushroom, ham, parsley - whatever takes your child's fancy - and watch them gobble it down. Eggs on toast are another quick-fix for rushed mornings, as are boiled eggs which can be precooked and added to slices of toast.

Healthy alternatives

For a healthy twist on a buttery bagel, choose a wholegrain variety and fill it with low-fat cream cheese, avocado and salmon. If your child prefers cereal, look out for healthier options rather than ones packed with sugar. Check the nutritional panels to find the most nourishing kind or opt for home-made muesli that you can prepare in bulk to last for days, cutting down on preparation time during the morning rush.

Remember, most breakfasts are better than none at all, so if some mornings all you can organise is a banana and apple as you run out the door, try not to stress. Pre-packing lunch boxes with a range of nutritious snacks will help to keep the kids going throughout the day.