Three reasons why a vitamin C supplement could help your child

Why should I give my child a Cenovis Kids Vitamin C supplement?

Cenovis Kids Vitamin C helps to support little immune systems

A child’s immune system is less experienced than an adult’s, therefore kids are more likely to attract any germ or bug going around. In fact, they may suffer from as many as six to eight colds every year,1 and unfortunately these infections usually pass from one family member to the next! Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant that helps to provide relief from the symptoms of upper respiratory tract illnesses such as colds or flus. It supports little immune systems and may help to reduce the severity and duration of colds when taken on a regular basis.

Cenovis kids vitamin C helps support healing and wound repair

As kids grow, they learn through play, interaction and experimentation within their environment. Unfortunately, this often involves bumps, bruises and unavoidable little cuts and scrapes. Vitamin C is involved in collagen production2 and may assist with minor wound healing and tissue repair.

Cenovis kids vitamin C helps to build healthy bones and teeth

Childhood is an important time for the healthy growth of bones and teeth. Along with calcium for strong bones, vitamin C is necessary for the production of collagen in bones, cartilage and muscles.2 Ensuring your child has enough vitamin C in their diet will help to support healthy skeletal and tooth development. Cenovis has a vitamin C supplement to suit every child. Cenovis Kids Vita Fizzies Vitamin C is an effervescent tablet which provides a deliciously bubbly, orange flavoured drink. For kids who prefer a chewable tablet, Cenovis Vita Tingles are fizzy, orange flavoured tablets that tingle on the tongue as they are chewed. Cenovis Kids Vitamin C products are designed to make topping up your busy kid’s daily Vitamin C intake both fun and easy.